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About Our Trees

A Persimmon Tree We use the native American persimmon for rootstock for the Oriental persimmon trees. Seeds are planted from the native fruit and trees grown for about a year before grafting the Oriental tree on to it. At the end of two years the Oriental Persimmon Trees are ready for sale.
Persimmon trees are grown whip style. Though they may be 10 feet or taller in the nursery, they are pruned back to 36 to 40 inches when purchased. This is where the first branches grow.
Fruit trees should be selected by the size of the trunk-not by the height of the tree.
Our trees are grafted by us here at the nursery from our own orchard to ensure correct identification. They are grafted on Diospyros Virginiana rootstock which we also grow. Oriental persimmons grow best in parts of zone 7, and 8 and 9.
Our trees are field grown so they will be use to the environment they are placed in. They are hand dug to ensure enough good quality roots to give the tree a good start in its new home. We also pot a few when they are ready for our customers who like them in containers.
We provide growing information and will be here for you if you have questions in the future.
If you have any questions, please call us at 352-463-7742 or click button to e-mail us at Lowder Farm & Nursery.

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