15251 NW Hwy 129. Trenton, FL 32693
Call for information: (352) 463-7742
To visit us in North Florida, just follow the link to our map page.

Lou Lowder   Thomas Lowder
Lowder Farm & Nursery is tucked away in the northwest corner of Levy County located in north Florida. A rustic log home in the middle of 12.7 acres constitutes our kingdom. Here my husband and I specialize in hybrid daylilies and oriental persimmons.

Basically, we are growers. That is what we love to do.

We have a persimmon orchard and nursery. We do the complete process of growing persimmon trees from gathering the seed to grow our own rootstock, using wood for grafting from our own orchard (to insure correct identification) to digging and packaging.

    Our daylilies are grown in a special mix in raised beds to insure top quality plants. Also, we do not keep plants that do not perform well for us. We do a lot of hybridizing and produce some beautiful unregistered plants as well as growing a lot of the registered cultivars.

While our daylilies bloom most of the spring and summer, they are in peak bloom during May and June. The nuts from our chestnut trees are harvested in September. Oriental Persimmons are harvested in October and November. Bareroot trees are dug from Dec. 15 to March 1.

You are welcome to visit our farm and nursery. We suggest you call first to make sure we are here. While we are here 98% of the time, now and again we have to be away.

We work to produce a quality product at a fair price.

We enjoy our customers and treat them as we would like to be treated.

We are happy to provide information to our customers so they will be successful in growing plants and trees.

Lou and Tommy Lowder

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