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Purchasing Daylilies

When purchasing daylilies, you should consider the three
types:   Evergreen, Semi-Evergreen and Dormant.

Evergreens stay green all year and come back each time after freezes. Some evergreens can be grown in most states, but they require mulching for winter in the colder states.

Semi-evergreens go into a semi-dormancy when there are cold spells. Evergreens and some semi-evergreens grow well in the deep south and especially here in Florida.

Dormants go beneath the soil surface when winter approaches (may need to be mulched in the colder states) and then return in the spring. Some of the dormants grow well here in Florida; but many do not. Some go dormant, then decline each time they return until they die after two to three years.

Buying from Catalogs: Many catalogs just list daylilies without categorizing each type, so be sure to inquire about whether the daylily you want will thrive in your climate.

Lowder's Daylilies and Your Climate: Since we live in northern Florida, we grow quite a few dormants; however, the majority of our stock is evergreens and semi-evergreens - all of which have done very well in north and central Florida. Our dormants do well almost anywhere, and the evergreens thrive in most southern states. I have had several people tell me they have grown many evergreens quite well in the northern tier states also.

Lowder's Healthy Hybrids: We use registered healthy plants for hybridizing to get the best possible blooms. We hybridize with the goal of large blooms, strong bloomscapes, high bud count, and the best qualities to make our plants more desirable. Some of our offspring are more gorgeous than their lovely parents. At the present time, we cannot offer a choice of color; however, we do offer mixed colors, some are fragrant, some are doubles, some with eyes.

Ordering Lowder Daylilies: We offer these 2-year old blooming size plants for $40.00 for plants plus shipping charges of $8.00 per 25 plants. Florida residents please add 7% sales tax. The plants you order will be cleaned, bibbed and shipped in the fall or spring.

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